Earth's Structure Earth Science Binder Plus Program Grades 4+


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Earth science comes to life as students learn about Earth's composition. Stunning photos, illustrations, and diagrams visually tell the story of how the earth is constantly being formed. Content can be used to introduce, reinforce and review facts that support Earth Science curriculum for grades 4 and up.

Topics include Earth's layers, tectonic plates, faults and rifts, mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes, rocks and minerals, fossils, weathering, erosion and soil. Binder includes facts review Bingo game, 5 fast facts folders, 9 fast facts mini-posters, 72 photo activity cards, 67 facts sheets and activity pages and a whiteboard-ready CD. Supporting Earth Curriculum in these States: California Gr. 4, Florida, Gr. 4,5,6, Georgia Gr. 5, Illinois C,D, Indiana Gr. 4, Kentucky Gr. 4, Louisiana Gr. 3,4,5, Michigan M, New York E, North Carolina Gr. 4,6, Ohio Gr. 4,6, Oklahoma Gr. 5, Pennsylvania Gr. 4, Texas Gr. 6, Virginia Gr. 4,5. This resource supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the curriculums for these provinces: British Columbia, Grade 7, Science, Earth & Space, Earth's Crust; Manitoba, Grade 3, Science, Cluster 4, Soils in the Environment, Grade 4, Science, Cluster 4, Rocks, Minerals & Erosion, Grade 7, Cluster 4, Earth's Crust; Ontario, Grade 3, Science, Understanding Earth & Space Systems, Soils in the Environment, Grade 4, Science, Understanding Earth & Space Systems, Rocks & Minerals; Saskatchewan, Grade 4, Science, Earth & Space Science, Rocks, Minerals & Erosion.

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