Machines & Motion Physical Science Binder Plus Program Grades 4+


$129.99 CAD

Students will gain an understanding of how different kinds of forces produce motion.

Photographs, illustrations, and diagrams clearly show how simple machines come together to create compound machines and how flight has evolved over the centuries.

Supports physical science curriculum for grades 4 and up.

Topics include

  • forces (magnetic, gravity, friction, etc.)
  • simple machines
  • compound machines
  • early and modern-day flight.

Contents include

  • facts review Bingo game
  • 3 fast facts folders
  • 14 fast facts mini-posters
  • 60 photo activity cards
  • 70 facts sheets and activity pages
  • a whiteboard-ready CD.

Supporting Physical Science Curriculum in these States: Florida, Gr. 4,5,6, Georgia Gr. 4, Illinois C,D,E,F,G, Indiana Gr. 5, Kentucky Gr. 4,5,6, Louisiana Gr. 4,5, 6, Michigan E, M, Missouri 4,5,7, New York E,I, North Carolina Gr.5,7, Ohio Gr. 4, Oklahoma Gr.4, Pennsylvania Gr. 4,7, Texas Gr. 6,7, Virginia Gr. 4,

This book supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the curriculums for these provinces: Alberta, Grade 4, Science, Wheels & Levers, Grade 6, Science, Flight, Air and Aerodynamics; British Columbia, Grade 5, Science, Physical Science, Forces & Simple Machines; Manitoba, Grade 5, Science, Cluster 3, Forces & Simple Machines, Grade 6, Science, Cluster 2, Flight; Ontario, Grade 3, Science, Understanding Structures & Mechanisms, Strong & Stable Structures, Grade 4, Science, Understanding Structures & Mechanisms, Pulleys & Gears, Grade 5, Science, Understanding Structures & Mechanisms, Forces Acting on Structures & Mechanisms, Grade 6, Science, Understanding Structures & Mechanisms, Flight; Saskatchewan, Grade 5, Science, Physical Science, Forces & Simple Machines, Grade 6, Science, Physical Science, Principles of Flight.

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