Mystery & Adventure Literacy Response Forms Grades 4-6


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Additional information:

  • Author : Bruce, Dominique/Goyetche, Mar

Mystery and Adventure Literacy Response Forms help you assess your students' understanding of the texts they are reading.

The response forms encourage students to make creative connections between the stories and their previous learning. These connections strengthen their awareness comprehension.

The engaging and meaningful activities can be completed by students on their own during Reader's Workshop or during the Language Arts class. This opens up classroom time for you to conduct guided reading lessons in small groups or to conference with individual students.

The worksheets provide authentic assessment information on student skill levels. The analysis of completed activities will help you determine the next steps in planning and programming to meet individual student needs.

Comprehension Skills Covered:

  • Prediction and Inferencing
  • Identifying Important Information
  • Summarizing Events
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Reasoning and Critical Thinking
  • Character Analysis

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