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From the beginning of Ruth’s teaching career, she had written her own lessons and theme units. In the early years, she was inspired by a school board consultant and wrote curriculum with a team of teachers for her school board. With the encouragement from a friend she decided to self-publish. In 1986 Ruth Solski started selling her classroom resources to teachers across Canada.

In 1988 Lisa, Ruth’s daughter joined the team and together, with the help of teacher authors they continued to create unique and original content.

Today we consistently evolve to comply with current curriculum standards. We want our learning resources to give, teachers and parents an edge for planning and implementing learning. Our activity-based lessons have more focus on practical exercises rather than teaching instructions. These resources can be used from start to finish, choose specific exercises or simply use them to stimulate creativity in the classroom.

Our future including providing our resources in print, PDF eBooks/Digital download, and links for lessons for Microsoft and Google Classroom. 

Our mission continues to be making learning fun for children and a teacher’s workload lighter!

We do our best to meet your needs and we always appreciate your feedback.

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