Air, Water & Soil in the Environment - Earth Science Grade 2


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  • Author : Bellaire, Tracy

The activities in this book have two intentions:

  1. to teach concepts related to earth and space science and
  2. to provide students the opportunity to apply the necessary skills needed for mastery of science and technology curriculum objectives.

Throughout the experiments, the scientific method is used. In each section, you will find teacher notes designed to provide guidance with the learning intention, the success criteria, materials needed, a lesson outline, as well as provide insight on what results to expect when the experiments are conducted.

Suggestions for differentiation are also included so that all students can be successful in the learning environment.

Meets the Ontario Curriculum.

The experiments in this book fall under thirteen topics that relate to two aspects of earth and space science: Air, Water, and Soil in the Environment.

  1. Learning About Air - Part One
  2. Learning About Air - Part Two
  3. The Movement of Air
  4. Using and Needing Air
  5. What is Water?
  6. The Water Cycle
  7. Water Facts
  8. Waterproof or Waterlogged?
  9. Needing and Using Water
  10. Soils
  11. Earthworm Invasion!
  12. Erosion
  13. Pollution

96 pages

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