Australia Black & White Picture Collection Grades 1-8


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Additional information:

  • Author : S&S Learning Materials

27 black and white illustrations ranging from map of Australia, Australian coat of arms, the flag of Australia, boomerangs, Aborigines, emu and grey kangaroos plus many more.

This collection can be easily integrated into any area of the curriculum. 

Uses for the illustrations:

  • The illustrations can be colored, mounted, and laminated, and used to develop a bulletin board display on Australia.
  • Illustrations can be colored, mounted, and laminated, and cut up into puzzles.
  • Students can use the illustrations for project work, research activities, writing activities, and oral presentations.
  • The illustrations can be used to design activity cards for centers.
  • Makeup riddles about the illustrations and have students locate the correct one. Students can make their own riddles.
  • Divide the class into groups. Give each group an illustration. Have the group find out five interesting facts about it.


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