Book Reports for Beginners Grades 1-2 Aligned to Common Core


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Aligned to Common Core Standards. A Common Core Standards chart is located on page 2, identifying standards covered. The page numbers are noted for easy access.

Book reports allow the young reader to share their thoughts about the stories they have heard or have read themselves. As well, students need the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the materials.

This resource contains six sections:

  1. Vocabulary Development,
  2. Identifying Important Information,
  3. Character Analysis,
  4. Summarizing & Sequencing Events,
  5. Reasoning & Critical Thinking, and
  6. Creativity & Design.

Each section begins with a Teacher's Notes page that will provide suggestions to help you to introduce the sections and to obtain the best results from your students.

64 pages

Additional information:

  • Author : Summers, Eleanor M.

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