Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Grades 4-8


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  • Author : Stanford, Frances

Canada grew from the many cultures that immigrated to Canada, and not without difficulty or hardship.

This resource will aid you when teaching your students about the development of Canada from an immigration viewpoint.

The 10 lesson plans tell the story from the first immigrants to Canada, immigration before and after the wars, the changes in the laws and the process involved for immigrants to become Canadian citizens.

Unit test & 3 Research Activities and Answer Key included. 96 pages.

This book supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the curriculum for these provinces: Alberta, Grade 5, Canada, The Land, Histories & Stories, 5.3 Canada, Shaping & Identifying; Ontario Grade 5, Canada & World Connections, Aspects of Citizenship; Saskatchewan, Grade 8, Social Studies, Interactions & Interdependence of Nations, Power & Authority.

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