Canadian Daily Language Activities Grade 8


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This book is divided into 32 weekly sections.

Short and quick opportunities for students to review and reinforce skills in punctuation, grammar, spelling, language and reading comprehension.

The Bonus Activities that follow each week of skills are fun tasks such as word and vocabulary puzzles, figurative language and reading exercises.

A short interesting fact about Canada is the finishing touch!

Each weekly section provides daily skill review and assessment activities.
Activities 1 - 4 focus on:
- punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling
- language and reading comprehension skills

Activity 5 focus on:
- a single language or reading skill

Bonus Activity: provides opportunities for extended activities

  • word puzzles, vocabulary development
  • spelling
  • reading skills
  • includes a short, interesting fact about Canada

Student Progress Chart
Students may require a modelled example or individual assistance to complete their Progress Chart.
- Students record their daily scores for each Language Activity.
- At the end of the week, they calculate their Total Score
- At the end of four weeks, students evaluate their performance.

120 pages with an answer key.

This book provides many opportunities for practice of the following skills:

Vocabulary & Word Skills
- word meaning from context
- root words/prefixes/suffixes
- spelling
- syllabication
- synonyms/antonyms/homonyms
- contractions
- beginning of sentences
- proper names/titles of people
- names of places
- titles of books, songs, poems
- names of days, months, holidays
- abbreviations, initials
- punctuation at the end of a sentence
- commas in a series
- commas in dates and addresses
- commas in a compound and complex sentences
- commas after an introductory phrase/clause
- commas in direct address/parenthetical expressions
- commas after appositives
- commas between adjectives
- periods in abbreviations/initials
- punctuation & capitalization in simple dialogue
- use of colons, semicolons, dashes, parentheses
- quotation marks in speech
- quotation marks: poems, songs, stories
- apostrophes in contractions
- apostrophes in possessives
- interjections
- punctuation in friendly & business letters
- run-on sentences
- underlining: books, plays, poems, magazines
Grammar & Word Usage
- pronouns: subject/object, possessive
- pronoun antecedent
- singular/plural nouns
- nouns: abstract, concrete
- possessive nouns
- verb tenses, verb types, verb parts
- active & passive voice
- double negatives
- types of adjectives and adverbs
- the correct form of adjective and adverbs
- correct article/determiner/adjective/adverb
- comparative/superlative forms
- a predicate adjective; predicate nouns
- subject/predicate
- subject-verb agreement
- prepositional phrases; prepositions; objects of prepositions
- conjunctions
- phrases & clauses
- easily confused words
- sentence parts
- sentence types
- sentence structure
- sentence fragments
- sentence combinations
Reading Comprehension
- analogies
- figurative language
- inference
- idioms, proverbs
Reference Skills
- combined errors
- dictionary/thesaurus skills
- outlines
- summaries

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