Canadian Daily Phonics Grades K-1


$25.99 CAD

These 24 weekly lessons provide a strong phonetic background for early learners. Teaching the sounds initial consonants make, how they proceed, and how to recognize their appearance and formation will turn your early learners into strong readers, spellers, and writers. Just 10 to 15 minutes a day will open many doors to the world of literacy. 159 pages.

Each week includes an activity a day:

  • Day 1: To reinforce the recognition of the initial consonant and the sound that it makes.
  • Day 2: Recognition of the initial consonant's sound at the beginning of objects.
  • Day 3: Review new and previously taught initial consonants.
  • Day 4: Review of the letter recognition of sounds previously taught
  • Day 5: Auditory/Visual Discrimination Test of All Sounds Previously Taught

Additional information:

  • Author : SOLSKI, RUTH

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