Canadian Peacekeepers Grades 5-8


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Since the end of World War II, the United Nations has sent peacekeeping forces to many areas in the world, to help maintain peace and order.

Canada's military, as peacekeepers, has been very involved in missions that took place at the Suez Canal, Cyprus, the Congo, Rwanda, and Afghanistan.

Many Canadian military personnel has lost their lives during these events and many have suffered traumatic experiences.

The ideas and activities will make students more aware of:

  • The United Nations and Its Role
  • Canada's Peacekeeping Role
  • Peacekeeping Situations and the Countries Involved
  • Peacekeeping Heroes
  • Peacekeeping Memorials

Includes 50+ pages of information and follow-up activities, a glossary of terms. teacher guide and answer key.

Additional information:

  • Author : Reed, Nat

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