Changing Family & Community Tradition Grade 2: Heritage & Identity Series


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Additional information:

The following unit of study is designed to support teachers and students as they work through the Social Studies Inquiry Process.

The first section of this resource is setting the foundational skills for student research.

This resource focuses on the big ideas in the Social Studies curriculum and has a mix of concrete and open-ended lessons so that the teacher has flexibility in planning.

The inquiry process has been scaffolded for teachers and/or students new to the process. There are also extensions and cross-curricular activities included.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of traditions and celebrations within families, school and community;
  • Compare some traditions and celebrations among diverse cultural groups and of different times;
  • Discuss some ways in which traditions are developed by community groups;
  • Use the Social Studies inquiry process to investigate some past and present traditions and celebrations.

Includes: 14 Lessons, 12 Extension Activities, Teacher Guide and Assessments.

64 pages including an answer key.

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