Dinosaurs Black & White Picture Collection Grades 1-8


$5.99 CAD

Additional information:

  • Author : S&S Learning Materials

26 black and white illustrations ranging from a plesiosaur, stegosaurus, parasaurolophus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus, and brontosaurus plus many more.

This collection can be easily integrated into any area of the curriculum.

Uses for the illustrations:

  • The illustrations can be colored, mounted, and laminated and used to develop a bulletin board display on Dinosaurs.
  • Illustrations can be colored, mounted, and laminated, and cut up into puzzles.
  • Students can use the illustrations for project work, research activities, writing activities, and oral presentations.
  • The illustrations can be used to design activity cards for centers.
  • Makeup riddles about the illustrations and have students locate the correct one. Students can make their own riddles.
  • Divide the class into groups. Give each group an illustration. Have the group find out five interesting facts about it.


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