Early Settlers in Upper Canada Grades 2-4


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  • Author : Solski, Ruth

With the 29 lesson plans in this book, students will investigate the various communities of early settlers and First Nation peoples in Upper Canada during the 1800s.

They will understand how the interaction between the new settlers and existing communities of First Nation peoples and French settlers helped to shape the development of the various communities.

Students will be able to compare communities of the past with those of the present day.

Lesson Topics Include:

  1. Who Came to Live in Upper Canada
  2. An Unforgettable Journey
  3. Land Ho!
  4. Clearing the Land
  5. Building an Early Settler Home
  6. Inside an Early Settler Home
  7. Lighting in an Early Settler Home
  8. Early Settler Farming - Preparing the Land
  9. Early Settler Farming - Sowing the Seed
  10. Early Settler Farming - Growing and Storing Food
  11. Early Settler Farming - Harvesting the Crops
  12. Early Settler Farming - Farm Animals
  13. Early Settler Farming - Early Barns
  14. Early Settler Farming - Grinding the Grain
  15. Early Settler Life in Upper Canada - Hunting, Fishing and Trapping
  16. Early Transportation in Upper Canada
  17. An Early Settler Village
  18. Schools in Upper Canada
  19. Early Settler Food - Meat from the Forests and Barns
  20. Preserving Settler Food
  21. Settler Herbs and Spices
  22. Early Settler Clothing
  23. From Sheep to Loom
  24. Early Settler Children
  25. Keeping Clean in Early Settler Days
  26. Early Settler Health Care
  27. Early Settler Pastimes
  28. Early Black Settlers in Upper Canada
  29. Aboriginal Peoples of Upper Canada

A comprehensive teacher guide & instructions, assessment forms, and an answer key complete this resource. 120 pages.

This book supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the Ontario Curriculum.

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