EQAO Grade 3 Language Test Prep Guide


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This book was created to help Grade 3 students prepare for the EQAO Language Assessment test.

Tests 1-9 have been designed to be very similar to the actual test the students will be taking. Many of the questions are asked in a similar way so that students can get familiar with the questioning format.

Students will encounter different types of reading experiences including fiction, nonfiction, diagrams and instructions. They will be asked to read sentences, paragraphs, and stories and then answer corresponding questions about the content or structure.

There is also plenty of writing practice as students are asked to write sentences, paragraphs and stories and answer questions featuring essential writing skills.

Test 10 is a bonus test to give students extra practice with specific language skills. There is no particular sequence to the tests. They can be used in whatever order you choose to fit your students' needs.

80 pages including an answer key

Additional information:

  • Author : Solski, Ruth

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