Frindle, by Andrew Clements Lit Link Grades 4-6


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A novel by Andrew Clements.

Nick is a fifth-grader who is always brimming with good ideas. His most creative idea ever is to rename the pen, the frindle. Wouldn't you know it - the idea really takes off! Unfortunately for Nick, his teacher, Mrs. Granger, is horrified at Nick's idea, as she is someone who almost worships the English language. The word frindle is not in any of her beloved dictionaries; therefore, it is not a word. Mrs. Granger does everything she can to put a stop to Nick and his friends from using the word - and an all-out war results.

Reproducible chapter questions, plus comprehension questions, a story summary, author biography, creative and cross-curricular activities, complete with answer key.

64 pages

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  • Author : Reed, Nat

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