Global Inequalities Grade 8: People & Environment Series


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Additional information:

Lessons will expose students to a variety of concepts and terms that are connected with the Global Inequalities curriculum. The assignments connected with this book are planned to give students maximum exposure to geography issues in Canada and the world.

Learning Intentions:

  • Identify and describe the significance of indicators that identify the quality of life on a global scale, and different types of economic systems.
  • Explain how four main economic sectors are related to global development.
  • Identify groups and organizations that work to improve quality of life.
  • Describe various factors that can contribute to economic development.
  • Evaluate evidence and draw conclusions about issues related to global development.
  • Analyze and construct maps as part of investigations into issues related to global development and quality of life.
  • Examine connecting factors that contribute to the quality of life and how these factors have affected economies of specific developed and developing countries around the world.
  • Examine the effectiveness of media in improving the quality of life in some countries and regions around the world.
  • 6 Lessons & 3 Assignments, plus a Unit Test!

Meeting Your Student’s Needs: Depending on the needs of the students in your class, the teacher may want to scan any Reading Notes into Kurzweil on the computer. By doing this, no matter the reading abilities of your students, they will be able to access the information of the text.

Teachers are also encouraged to allow their students to collaborate on as many activities as possible, in order to allow all students to be successful without modifying the text significantly.

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