Growth & Change in Plants Grades 2-3


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  • Author : Schlichting, Diane

Imaginative & Innovative Activities that Meet Standards!

Students will learn about the characteristics and requirements of plants and their patterns of growth.

They will learn about the importance of plants as sources of food, a shelter for people and animals, and suppliers of much of the world's oxygen.

They will also learn to appreciate the effect of human activities on plants.

54 Activities

This book supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the curriculums for these provinces: Alberta, Grade 4, Science, Plant Growth & Changes; British Columbia, Grade 3, Science, Life Science, Plant Growth & Changes; Manitoba, Grade 3, Science, Cluster 1, Growth & Change in Plants; Ontario, Grade 3, Science, Understanding Life Systems; Saskatchewan, Grade 3, Science, Life Science, Plant Growth & Changes.

96 pages including an answer key.

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