Human Actions and Technology Grade 7 (eLesson Plan)


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  • Author : Bellaire, Tracy

Students will learn about the impact human actions and technologies have on ecosystems in the environment, and the organizations that are working to make a difference.11 pages. Success Criteria: identify human actions that alter balances and interactions in the environment identify the technologies that alter balances and interactions in the environment determine if human activities or technology is having a positive or negative impact create two dioramas that respectively depict the before' and after' of human and/or technological interference recognize the costs and benefits of human and technological involvement research, record, and share information about an ecosystem that is being affected by human activity or technology research, record and share information about an organization that works toward ecological sustainability create a pamphlet to inform the public about the efforts of the organization Suggestions for differentiation are also included so that all students can be successful in the learning environment.

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