The Diversity of Living Things; and A Study of Trees & Forests - Life Science Grade 6


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Additional information:

The experiments in this book fall under ten topics that relate to two aspects of life science: The Diversity of Living Things; and A Study of Trees & Forests.

In each section, you will find teacher notes designed to provide you guidance with the learning intention, the success criteria, materials needed, a lesson outline, as well as some insight on what results to expect when the experiments are conducted.

Suggestions for differentiation are also included so that all students can be successful in the learning environment. 

Ten Topics Include:

  1. Defining Living Things
  2. Classification Systems
  3. The Animal Kingdom
  4. The Plant Kingdom
  5. Monera, Protist, and Fungi Kingdoms
  6. Microscopic Work
  7. Because of Diversity
  8. Trees
  9. Learning About Leaves
  10. A Forest of Trees

96 pages.

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