Light & Sound Grades 4-6


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Additional information:

  • Author : Deslauriers, Isabel

The activities and experiments in this book fall under eight topics:

  • What is Sound?
  • Pitch and Intensity
  • How does Sound Travel?
  • Humans and Sound
  • What is Light?
  • Brightness and Reflections
  • Color and Light
  • Energy

The five-step investigative process is used during the activities and experiments. Also included are teacher information, materials lists, and an answer key.

This book supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the curriculums for these provinces: Alberta, Grade 4, Science, Light & Shadows; British Columbia, Grade 4, Science, Physical Science, Light & Sound; Manitoba, Grade 4, Science, Cluster 2, Light, Cluster 3, Sound; Ontario, Grade 4, Science, Understanding Matter & Energy, Light & Sound; Saskatchewan, Grade 4, Science, Physical Science, Light, Sound.

96 Pages

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