Living & Working In Ontario Grade 3 : People & Environments Series


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  • Author : Gowsell, Bill

Developed to cover the overall expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education Social Studies Living and Working in Ontario curriculum.

This book is intended to provide a snapshot for the teacher to expose their students to the many different characteristics that make Ontario so unique.

The activities in this book have two intentions:

  • to teach concepts that relate to living and working in Ontario,
  • and to help students understand the different characteristics and needs of such a large province.

Students will gain an understanding of some key aspects of the interrelationship between the natural environment, land use, employment opportunities, and the development of municipal regions in Ontario.

Using the social studies inquiry process to investigate some of the environmental effects of different types of land and/or resource use in two or more Ontario municipal regions, as well as some of the measures taken to reduce the negative impact of that use.

And they will describe major landform regions and types of land use in Ontario and some of the ways in which land use in various Ontario municipalities addresses human needs and wants, including the need for jobs.

70 pages including answers.

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