Canadian Safe Places; Location & Climate Cdn Reading Comp. Grades 1-2


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These Activities Are Tailored To Integrate Language Based Social Studies Content Into Their Literacy Time. It Is Also An Excellent Resource For Single And Split Grade Teachers Who Would Like Some Independent Subject Material For Their Students! 6 Activities, 10 Pages, With Answer Key. Curriculum Connection Grade 1: Students Will Identify Safe Places In Their Community. Grade 2: Students Will Demonstrate An Understanding Of The Relationship Between Location And Climate. Convention Focus: Conduct A Mini Punctuation Lesson On Using Capital Letters. Teaching Tip: Invite A Police Officer To Speak To The Class Regarding Safety. As A Large Group, Label The Equator On The Globe And Discuss Where The Hottest Locations Are And Why. Extension Activity: Have The Class Create Safety Posters For The School Including "Sun Safety".

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  • Author : Blackburn, Michael

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