Just for Boys Grades 1-3 Reading Comprehension


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  • Author : Reed, Nat

Motivate The Boys To Read!

Includes over 27 short fiction and nonfiction readings, a teacher guide, teacher and student rubrics, read aloud observation form and answer key.

What boy can resist topics such as leeches, dinosaurs, dump trucks, and firemen?

This outstanding collection of original short stories, articles, interviews biographies, advertisements, and more is sure to capture - and hold - the interest of all your young male readers.

The subject matter, characters, and graphics have been carefully chosen to relate to boys of this age group.

Real-world applications address students' literacy development as they analyze a comic strip, packaging for a video game, poetry, and magazine articles.

The before, during, and after reading exercises incorporate effective, research-based reading comprehension strategies including activating prior knowledge, predicting, visualizing, questioning, drawing inferences, summarizing, synthesizing, monitoring and repairing comprehension, and evaluation.

96 pages including an answer key.

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