Matter & Materials Grades 4-6


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Matter matters! The activities and experiments in this book are designed to teach concepts related to matter and materials and to relate those concepts to real-life situations.

Students may investigate three categories:

1. Materials that Transmit, Reflect or Absorb Light & Sound

2. Properties of and Changes in Matter

3. Properties of Air and Characteristics of Flight.

Each section contains teacher's notes and material lists, pre-assessment quiz, fun-filled activities and experiments, and a follow-up review activity.

Activities are curriculum-based and will provide your students with a solid understanding of the topics while practicing critical thinking and enjoying the opportunity for creativity.

96 Pages

This book supports many of the fundamental concepts and learning outcomes from the curriculums for these provinces: Alberta, Grade 5, Science, Classroom Chemistry; Manitoba, Grade 5, Science, Cluster 2, Properties of and Changes in Substances; Ontario, Grade 5, Science, Understanding Matter & Energy, Properties of and Changes in Matter; Saskatchewan, Grade 5, Science, Physical Science, Properties and Changes of Materials.

Additional information:

  • Author : Rose, Lar/Spohr, Heidrun

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