Grade 3 Canadian Math & Reading Practise Bundle!


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Canadian Math Curriculum!

Math Home Practise is a condensed course of instruction or review for Grade Three Mathematics. Each topic area contains individual skills and concepts that match the learning expectations of the curriculum.

Following the most up-to-date mathematics curriculum guidelines, each book is organized according to these five general curriculum threads:

  • Number Sense and Numeration (about numbers, counting, and basic arithmetic operations); 29 activities
  • Measurement (of distances, time, temperature, area, and volume, using standard S1 units); 19 activities
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense (understanding and using shapes, figures, symmetry, and translations); 15 activities
  • Patterning and Algebra (patterns, problem-solving, and translating between words and equations); 12 activities
  • Data Management and Probability (collecting, organizing, and displaying information and drawing conclusions from it). 12 activities
  • 96 pages including an answer key

Raising a Reader: Reading, Writing & Grammar Lessons

Parents who take an active role in their child's education can have a great impact on the child's success. This resource is designed to give parents the opportunity to support what happens in the classroom. Your beginning reader will enjoy the stories and activities while developing new literacy skills.

The stories, concepts, and skills are Canadian content, grade-appropriate, and aligned with the Canadian Language Arts curriculum. The Raising a Reader series will encourage your Grade 3 child to take those first steps in becoming a lifelong reader. 96 pages including an answer key.

This resource consists of two parts:

Section 1: Reading Skills Uses Canadian content for all stories and activities. Offers reading experiences in a variety of genres: fiction, non-fiction, poems It provides a variety of activities that are based on skills in the Canadian curriculum. Extends the stories with real-life applications. Answer Key to make checking answers quick and easy.

Section 2: Grammar and Writing Skills Activities to practice and reinforce vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and creative writing. Skills are based on the Canadian curriculum. Answer Key to make checking answers quick and simple.

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