Alberta Grade 6 Science & Social Studies Bundle!


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The lessons and experiments in this book fall under 5 main topics.

  • Topic A: Air and Aerodynamics
  • Topic B: Flight
  • Topic C: Sky Science
  • Topic D: Evidence and Investigation
  • Topic E: Trees and Forests.

In each lesson, you will find teacher notes designed to provide you guidance with the learning intentions, the success criteria, materials needed, a lesson outline, as well as provide some insight on what results to expect when the experiments are conducted. Suggestions for differentiation or accommodation are also included so that all students can be successful in the learning environment. 146 pages. *******************************************************************************************

Government: Rights, Responsibilities & History

In this book, students will learn about democracy and its role in federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Through articles, activities, and assignments, they will explore how governments and treaties of the past have shaped the democratic process and the various levels of the Canadian government in the present.

The lessons meet the expectations of the Social Studies curriculum with connections to language concepts. Each lesson has multiple follow-up activities designed to meet a variety of strengths, needs, and learning styles in the classroom. In addition, many extension/differentiation options are provided.

Ten lessons and a Unit Test with Answer Key complete this resource. 80 pages.

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