Traditional Cursive: Beginning & Practice Big Book Grades 2-4


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  • Author : Goyetche, Marie-Helen

A Fresh Approach to Learning to Print and Write. Our unique sailing approach assists young children to acquire the spatial recognition of letters and their formation. Two great books brought together in one volume for children beginning and practicing cursive. Our unique sailing theme assists young children with letter formation and flow, with instructions from our engaging sailor characters. We've paid extra attention to details that make learning cursive as enjoyable as possible. Guide letters are included on both sides of the page for left handed students. Letters are learned according to the complexity of their shape. Over 100 activities further develop skills involved in handwriting and literacy. Writing exercises based on frequent sight words and real word contexts to maximize motivation and literacy connections. Cumulative assessment and rubrics make this a teacher friendly resource, but the enjoyable activities are just a suitable for home use. 128 pages.

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