Beginning Language Practice Big Book Grades 1-3 Build Their Skills Bundle!


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  • Author : Solski, Ruth

The Build Their Skills workbooks are designed to develop a strong foundation of basic skills that promotes a child's success in future learning. The skill focus is printed on the bottom of each page. This comprehensive volume is jammed packed with plenty of practice that reinforces and reviews skills in: Phonics: Phonics Practice Reading: Main Idea Reading: Seeing Relationships Reading: Drawing Conclusions Reading: Inferences, Clues, Sequencing Reading: Directions, Vocabulary Capitalization: Rules, Quick Test Punctuation: Rules, Quick Test Sentence Writing: Beginning, Endings, Correct Wording Sentence Types: Exclamatory, Command, Describing Story Writing: Paragraphs, Topics, Sequencing, Brainstorming Story Types: Descriptive, Narrative Writing: Paragraphs, Directions, Stories Answer Keys 144 pages

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