Microscopy: 15 Introductory Skill Investigations Gr. 5-8


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These investigations introduce the basic skills for using the microscope and help students become comfortable with it for future investigations.

Students will learn important skills for observing, recording observations, and manipulating a compound microscope. A variety of mounting techniques will allow the students to examine both living and non-living samples.

Students are encouraged to use the microscopes as scientists would. These independent investigations could be the basis for science fair projects.
  • Introduction and notes to the teacher
  • A list of Objectives: Understanding Basic Concepts
  • Developing Skills of Inquiry, Design, and Communication
  • Assessment & Evaluation Forms:
  • Student Effort Rubric
  • Student Achievement Rubric
  • Group Work Rubric
  • Independent Investigation Rubric

Plus a:
  • Vocabulary List
  • Materials List

14 Investigations
1. Look Closely
2. Using a Hand Les
3. Making and Recording Observations
4. Microscope Anatomy
5. Caring For Your Microscope
6. Focusing the Microscope
7. Changing the Lens
8. Observing Objects in Three Dimensions
9. Using Top and Bottom Lighting
10. Handling Small Objects
11. Dry Mounting Method 1
a. Dry Mounting Method 2
12. Wet Mounting
a. Well Mounting
13. Making Section Mounts
14. Using Stains

· Cross-Curricular Activities where relevant
· Microscope Word and Function Mix & Match
· Microscopy Crossword

Additional information:

  • Author : Taylor, Kim/Taylor, Scott

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