R Blends: 7 Lessons & Test Bundle! Grades K-1


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7 Lessons Teach The Two-Letter "R" Blends Are "Br, Cr, Dr, Fr, Gr, Pr, And Tr." Each Lesson Includes Teacher Introduction, Teaching Objectives, A Picture Card, And 4 Worksheets. Teacher-Directed Instructions Include Auditory Exercises For Whole Group Instruction. A Story Or Poem To Help Introduce The Vowel And Can Be Displayed On A Smart Board (Or Another Interactive Whiteboard) For Whole Group Instruction. Tests: Test And Review All The Initial Consonant "R" Blend. Students Should Be Able To Recognize And Hear The Difference Between Single Initial Consonant Sounds And Those That Are Grouped With A Specific Letter. Visual And Auditory Tests Can Be Used To Evaluate Your Students' Ability To Recognize Single Initial Consonants And Initial Consonants That Form A Blended Sound. 63 Pages, Including An Answer Key.

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  • Author : Solski, Ruth

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