Exercises in Grammar 3 Book Bundle! Grades 6-8


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Here is everything you need to help you teach the fundamentals of grammar.  

The Exercises in Grammar program has been devised to introduce a new "back-to-basics'" curriculum. This resource emphasizes the teaching of the fundamentals of grammar, and the rules needed to implement it.

Recognizing that many teachers, particularly new teachers, may have gone through a school system that did not teach formal grammar, this resource attempts to simplify the grammatical process as much as possible.  Each resource includes 34 overhead or whiteboard templates and 46 reproducible student exercises.

With activities that include a review of earlier grammar exercises, as well as 8 review tests.

Each of these books reviews the grammar taught in the earlier grades and integrates the new work into this review. These resources should be used in conjunction with the current Language texts so that the grammar study may be integrated with the writing.

Grade 6
The grade 6 curriculum emphasizes subordinate clauses, adjectives and adverb phrases, and comparison of adjectives.

Grade 7
The major new work in grade 7 is a study of the parts of a sentence, with follow-up work on subordinate clauses, taught at the grade 6 level.

Grade 8
The major new work in grade 8 is a study of case in pronouns.

96 pages each

Additional information:

  • Author : Gadd, Terry

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