ESL Teaching Bundle Grades K-8


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ESL TEACHING IDEAS - Students will be immersed in English through a range of experiences which include oral games, illustration, writing, and exploration of his/her environment. The students will acquire basic vocabulary with respect to themselves, body parts, school, colors, shapes, clothing, weather, and seasons. Reading Level 1-3, 80 pages

MORE ESL TEACHING IDEAS - Written by a team of top ESL specialists, here is everything you need to teach beginning learners of English as a second language Games, oral, and visual exercises are used to make learning enjoyable and socially engaging. Complete activities using visual, written, and kinesthetic skills round out the resource. Suitable for students in grades 1-8. Care has been taken to ensure the pictures are simple but realistic so they are both easy to interpret as well as suitable for all ages. Coverage includes a wide variety of everyday nouns, including food, verbs, plurals, is/are, common prepositions, and calendar language. Reproducible worksheets and templates for auditory, written, visual, and game activities Teacher instructions for planning & implementation,  Covering nouns, verbs, plurals, prepositions, and calendar language.  80 pages

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