Spelling Grade 3 Program & Blacklines Bundle! * 36 Weeks of Content!


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Here is everything you need to effectively teach a year of spelling!

Students Practice Only The Words They Don't Know.

Spelling Program Teachers Guide:

  • 36 units are organized by a sequence of spelling patterns based on sound structure, function, and meaning, as well as high-frequency vocabulary.
  • A 5-day teaching plan for each unit provides the skill focus, teaching tips, word list, introductory activities, skill exercises, independent practice, challenge words, and review activities.
  • A wealth of remediation, enrichment, tracking, and assessment tools is also included, and all components of this program are designed for flexibility so that you can meet the diverse needs of your students within a minimum of preparation.
  • Winner of the Elementary Teachers Federation Award!
  • 96 pages

Spelling Blacklines:

  • The blackline masters support and extend the lessons in the Grade 3 teachers guide,
  • 36 carefully sequenced study units designed to increase student achievement in spelling.
  • Each unit focuses on specific spelling patterns, as well as high-frequency vocabulary appropriate for this grade level. High-frequency words are marked with an asterisk.
  • The independent word study exercises incorporate the multisensory tasks identified as the most effective in current spelling research.
  • 128 pages

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