Historical Story Starters Grades 4-6


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  • Author : Murtha, Veneda

Here Are 14 Engaging And Detailed Illustrations That Will Inspire Students' Creative Writing. The Images Vary In Complexity So That Students With A Wide Range Of Critical Thinking And Writing Abilities May Engage Meaningfully With Them. These Ready-To-Use Worksheets Are Ideal For Both At-Home And In-Class Use. They Can Be Used To Augment Any Writing Program, Or May Be Used As A Meaningful Filler Activity When Students Have Spare Time. The Illustrations May Be Used To Generate Ideas For Short Stories, Poetry, Letter Writing, And Much More! Student Writing Checklist Included. 14 Pages Each Story Starter Worksheet Includes An Illustration And Blank Word Box, A Blank Line For The Story'S Title, And Numbered Blank Lines For The Story Itself. The Word Box Provides Space For Students To Brainstorm Key Words That Come To Mind When They Explore Their Overall Impression Of The Illustration. Students Should Complete The Brainstorm List Before Writing To Stimulate Their Creative Thinking. The Blank Lines Are Numbered So That You May Easily Give Students Instructions On How Long Their Creative Writing Piece Should Be. Through The Meaningful Context Of Creative Writing, Students Will: 1. Interpret A Variety Of Illustrations, Using Evidence From The Images And Their Own Knowledge And Experience 2. Develop Ability In Creative, Independent Thinking, And Ordering Of Ideas In A Logical Sequence 3. Communicate Their Ideas Clearly And Effectively 4. Communicate Their Ideas For Specific Purposes And To Specific Audiences 5. Apply Previously Learned Basic Skills Of Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, And Conventions Of Style And Form 6. Practice Proofreading And Editing Skills

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