Our Trash Grades 2-3


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Additional information:

  • Author : Scott, Barbara

Promotes Environmental Awareness

40+ reproducible activities, 7information cards on waste disposal, and recycling.

This resource is designed to foster a positive attitude about the environment with your students. Students will learn their role in creating a clean and safe environment while developing basic skills in reading, comprehension, word study, letter writing, creative writing, brainstorming, printing, and art. Also included are teacher suggestions for introducing the unit, additional hands-on follow up activities, a resource list, and a student tracking sheet.

Topics include:

  • History of Trash
  • The Trash Cycle
  • How to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Sanitary Landfills & Incinerators
  • Recycling of Glass, Aluminum, Plastic, and Paper

74 pages

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