Reading with Kenneth Oppel Author Study Grades 4-6 Silverwing, Sunwing & Firewing


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  • Author : Doucette, Michael

Silverwing, Sunwing and Firewing! Student will love reading this trilogy and you will love the NO PREP worksheets to teach reading fluency and literacy strategies!

Story summaries, teacher suggestions, a resource list, student tracking sheet, and answer key make each resource easy to use.

1. To identify and explore the various members and places that contribute to a successful community.
2. To negotiate and cooperate with others in order to meet a common goal.
3. To correctly answer questions by category and to answer extended comprehension questions using supporting evidence from the text.

Table of Contents:

  • Teacher Suggestions
  • Novel Summaries
  • Author Biography
  • List of Skills
  • Bats- Introduction
  • Bat Labeling Information
  • How do Bats Help Humans?
  • Silverwing Chapters 1-23
  • Sunwing Chapters 1-17
  • Firewing Chapters 1-22
  • Answer Key

Teacher Suggestions

1. The Student Booklet focuses on two chapters of the novels at a time. Each chapter contains a selection of activities related to curriculum, including character development, reasoning and critical thinking skills, dictionary and thesaurus activities, reading and extended reading comprehension skills and convention skills.

2. Students may read the novels at their own speed and then select, or be assigned, a variety of questions and activities.

3. This unit directly ties into the social studies curriculum, "Mapping and Orienteering". Allow the students to Surf the Net to research the fascinating sites on early navigation and map making. Perhaps they can create their own echo maps using graph paper and guide each other through an adventure using landmarks. Create and compare maps of different animal migration routes.

4. This unit directly ties into the science curriculum, "Life Systems", more specifically,
"Diversity of Living Things". Discuss specific characteristics or adaptations that enable each species of bat to live in its particular habitat. In the "Matters and Materials" science unit, investigate the principles of flight and determine the effect of the properties of air on different bat wing structures. In the "Earth and Space" science unit, demonstrate an understanding of the patterns of change observable on earth as a result of the movement of the different bodies in the solar system: solar and lunar eclipses, phases of the moon, tides and the positions of the constellations.

5. Use a "character chair" to explore the fascinating characters in this novel.

6. Through visual arts, students can construct their own flipbooks of flying bats. Orally read a passage to the class and have students "doodle" on a blank piece of paper to see if they successfully visualize what's taking place.

7. Through math, explore the geometric significance of vectors when trying to navigate. Problem solve the actual difficulty of navigating from point A to point B at a certain speed with variable cross, head and tail winds.

8. Use passages of the novel for "Guided Reading and Writing" activities.

List of Skills

Specific Work:
1. Outline a book report for children using questions by category and extended comprehension.
2. Research contemporary issues, as mentioned in the novel.
3. Use new words that can be used for vocabulary and sentence structure skills.
4. Skim for information to develop claim and support skills.

Work Appropriate Kenneth Oppel Novels

Visual Arts
1. Illustrate a scene from any one of the novels
2. Construct origami bats
3. Construct a peephole box

1. Read about the diversity of living things
2. Bat research project

Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary
1. Cloze activities
2. Crossword Puzzles
3. Word Scrambles
4. Missing Letters Activities
5. Word Shapes
6. Punctuation Activities: commas, quotation marks, periods, apostrophes
7. Decoding Activities
8. Matching Activities
9. Definition Activities
10. Word Map Activities

1. Venn Diagrams
2. Character Sketches
3. Chapter Summaries
4. Personal Opinions
5. Claim and Support Writing
6. Extended Comprehension
7. Questions by Category

1. Character Chair
2. Communicative Book Talk

Creative and Critical Thinking
1. Research myths about bats
2. Research and compare different species of bats
3. Research construction of bat houses
4. Identify emotions and instincts as a help or a hindrance
5. Choose and expand on an alternate plotline
6. Summarize the stories in a news report
7. Discuss the importance of the antagonist in a novel



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