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Three Science & Two Social Studies books = A YEAR OF CURRICULUM COVERED!


1. Physical Science: The experiments in this book fall under seventeen topics that relate to four aspects of physical science: Materials, Objects, and Building Things; Energy In Our Lives; Force and Motion; and Creating Color.

2. Earth Science: The experiments in this book fall under eleven topics that relate to two aspects of earth Science: Daily & Seasonal Changes.

3. Life Science: The experiments in this book fall under ten topics that relate to two aspects of life science: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things; and Exploring the Senses. Each section includes teacher notes designed to provide guidance with the learning intention, the success criteria, materials needed, a lesson outline, as well as provide some insight on what results to expect when the experiments are conducted. Suggestions for differentiation are also included so that all students can be successful in the learning environment.

Each resource is 96 pages.


Helping you meet the Ontario Grade 1 Social Studies Curriculum, these two books includes lessons that can be used as a starting point to add to your own ideas, or as a complete units.

#1 Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities: Heritage & Identity Series

Helping you meet the Ontario Grade 1 Social Studies Curriculum, these six lessons provide a great start to help you expose students to the many roles and responsibilities that help make a community a success. The goals of these lessons are to familiarize students with their growing role in the community and an acceptance and willingness to take part in the many activities that make a community successful.

 Lesson Topics Include:

  • Lesson 1: Our Roles and How They Change
  • Lesson 2: The Impact of Relationships
  • Lesson 3: The People Who Make a Difference
  • Lesson 4: Mapping our Neighbourhood
  • Lesson 5: Timelines of our Lives
  • Lesson 6: Our Behavious

 Plus these EXTRAS:

  • Extras #1 Firefighter Badge Design
  • Extras #2 Behaviour Code
  • Extras #3 Word Search and Unscramble
  • Extras #4 Matching Game
  • Extras #5 Design a Fire Truck
  • Extras #6 The Mayor is Calling
  • Extras #7 Roles
  • Unit Test

MEETING YOUR STUDENT’S NEEDS: Depending on the needs of the students in your class, the teacher may want to scan any Teacher Notes into Kurzweil on the computer. By doing this, no matter the reading abilities of your students, they will be able to access the information of the text. Teachers are also encouraged to allow their students to collaborate on as many activities possible, in order to allow all students to be successful without modifying the text significantly.

#2 The Local Community: People & Environments Series

In this unit, students will have the opportunity to learn about the local community, the people they may interact with within the community, and the places they go to regularly. 

The activities have two intentions: to teach concepts that relate to the local community and to help students make connections with their own experiences and the community they live in. This resource provides a snapshot for the teacher to expose their students to the many aspects of the local community. 

The book starts off with the first lesson of What is a Community? This lesson is designed to get the students thinking about their surroundings and the people they interact with on a daily basis.

The second lesson The Community and How We Use It allows the students to view their community and the special things they do within its boundaries.

The third lesson Occupations in the Community introduces some popular occupations that are prominent in the community.

The fourth lesson Recycling and Caring for the Community introduces the students to the needs of the community and why it should be cared for. Students will learn about the process of recycling.

In the fifth lesson Mapping Our Community Services students will have a chance to map out their community through their own created maps.

The sixth lesson Services in the Community wraps up the unit and allows the students to learn about the variety of services that they or their parents may interact with on a weekly basis.

The Extras provide extra assignments that do not have a specific lesson that they are attached to but help to reinforce the content that the students have been learning in the unit. The unit test is also found in this section.

Extras Include:
  1. Word Scramble
  2. Matching Game
  3. Recycling Truck
  4. Design a Mailbox
  5. Design a Police Car
  6. Design a Police Badge
  7. Unit Test
  8. Photos of Community Helpers

 Each book is 64 pages.

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